Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 5 "Beach Goddess" Perfumes

When I think of "Beach Goddess" I picture a beautiful, exotic, mesmerizing woman with wavy beached hair that glistens in the sun. She wears a long, sheer dress that peaks at her boho swim suit and tanned skin. She is basically the human version of a mermaid and is utterly irresistible. Who wouldn't want to smell like this exotic, sensual beach goddess themselves? Summer is here and I'm ready to spritz myself into this picture perfect dream world full of beachy goodness. From salty, to fruity, to just plain fun I will share with you my top 5 scents to transport you to feeling like a true beach goddess yourself ;)

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Neroli Portofino smells like orange blossoms hovering over the ocean coast, for the sophisticated beach goddess. It is refreshing with blasts of citruses that calm into a natural smelling floral scent. This one is unisex for both women and men, because who wouldn't want to smell like neroli on the Amalfi coast? This is a chic neroli scent that shines and sparkles all the way through. This is for those looking for something aquatic and fresh that still smells glamorous and sensual.

Light Blue Escape to Panarea

Light Blue Escape to Panarea is a sweet and salty delight with layers and layers of musk! It has tonka bean, jasmine and orange blossom to add some sweet femininity and a white musk that layers the whole perfume and makes it extremely sensual. The ambergris will transport you right to the edge of the beach with its salty, refreshing ting. The ultimate "paradise" beach scent that is cuddly, appealing, and feminine.

MIami Glow

For the fun and bright beach goddess, I suggest Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez. This is super tropical and sweet, perfect for some fun in the sun. A warm and tropical scent with lots and lots of coconut! This is pretty much the scent of a beach party in a bottle and smells like cocktails, dancing and fun on the beach. This perfume is super flirty, so be ready to reel in some fish with this beauty ;)

Thierry Mugler Womanity

Thierry Mugler's Womanity screams of a sensual, sexy, goddess. This opens sweet and fresh with fig and then becomes salty, oceanic, and almost....sweaty? But in a totally good way! This is a seductive sweet fig scent with a tinge of oceanic, savory accords. The notes sound a bit odd with figs and caviar, but in the end you just get another beautiful and exotic creation by Mugler. This is for the dark, seductive, and savory beach goddess.

Byredo Bal D'Arfrique
Last but not least is Byredo's Bal D'Afrique. This is a tropical, woody, citrus scent that smells exactly like a juicy pineapple. This note isn't listed, but it is definitely there! It is slightly sweet, cheery, uplifting, and just plain GOOD! I love wearing this perfume in any season, but it really shines in summer and is my go to fragrance when heading out to the beach. Who doesn't want to smell like a ripe, dripping, succulent pineapple while sun bathing on the warm sand? I know I do!

All of these perfumes can be found in sample sizes over at MyPerfumeSamples!

What perfumes do you think give off a "Beach Goddess" vibe?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5 Best Perfumes for Mother's Day 2015

Hey guys! It has been awhile since I've been able to post, so I'm super excited to share with you what I think are the best Mother's Day scents of the year! Here goes nothing...enjoy!

B. Balenciaga is a chic, elegant, classy scent with just a hint of sexy. It is the scent of a fabulous, striking woman walking through the streets of some exotic French city. A heady bouquet of florals that are lush and green, laying on a bed of soft woods. At first spray this is heavy and a bit sharp, but it warms up, softens, and wraps around your skin like a blanket after about 30 minutes in. Projection also goes from heavy to just a bit more than a skin scent, although, sillage is great and you should be able to get whiffs of yourself all throughout the day. B. Balenciaga is also a scent that is perfect for working mothers, as it ends up being a very intimate scent that is perfect for offices.


Was your mom ever a fan of Shalimar back in her day? Guerlain's Shalimar Parfum Initial L'eau keeps the warm and cozy base that is familiar in the original Shalimar with tonka bean and vanilla. Although, this scent is a fresh, citrus floral bouquet that is in contrast to the original, a great scent for heated weather. Powdery iris is prominent and is infused with soft, sweet citruses. A happy go lucky scent, that works perfectly in refreshing spring weather. This scent has been discontinued, but it is still available at MyPerfumeSamples.


Lily of the Valley & Ivy by Jo Malone is an ultra feminine, ultra green and ultra uplifting scent for women. It is a new creation by Jo Malone that takes lily of the valley and veils it with musk and green ivy. It is soft spoken and clings closely to the skin, for a light and refreshing fragrance for warm weather. It is like your own skin scent, but better! If your mom doesn't go wild over ultra strong fragrances and likes scents that are soft and fresh then this will be the perfect gift for her.


Does your mom love young, vibrant, modern creations? Not really into florals and has a bit of a sweet tooth? Try Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. This creation has been popular ever since it was released with its vanilla -coffee scent surrounded by comforting warm notes and sweet spices. Yes, this works best in colder weather, but can also be worn out at night on cool spring nights. A scent to spice up any occasion and bring fun and playfulness to the party. This is a scent that will last all night long and has a sillage that is noticeable, but never overbearing.


My Burberry is a scent that is playfully chic and adorable, but also mature and sophisticated. It is sharp and bitter (in a good way) and turns slightly sweet. The sweet pea is prominent, followed with roses and freesia. It seems that the quince brings forth a citrusy sweetness that hangs over the fragrance. If you don't know what a quince is, its the scent between an apple and a pear. There is also a slightly spicy accord which drifts in and out of the fragrance. This is truly pleasant and will become your best friend, if you let it. It will work in any season and can accompany you to any occasion.

Comment and tell me what you think are the best Mother's Day scents!

Thanks for reading! xo

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Perfume Review: Bal d'Afrique by Byredo Parfums

Bal d'Afrique, my new found love. A scrumptious citrus-woody scent that is "inspired by Paris in the late 20ćs and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance." This is a fragrance with culture, uniqueness, and depth. It is beautifully blended with African Marigold, lemon, vetiver, white florals, black currant, bergamot, amber, cedar, and  musk. It is hard to pull individual notes from this fragrance, as it is so well blended. It is beautiful and harmonious and flows extravagently from note to note.

Altogether, this scent creates a vision of succulent, mouthwatering pineapple (although this is not a note in the fragrance, this is what my nose smells). At first spray this smells like a fresh and ripened pineapple, but then so slowly drifts into a world of lemon, florals, and woods. The lemon is sharp, juicy, and zesty wrapped in the vetiver and pretty marigold. It smells exotic and vibrant through the entire fragrance. A fragrance to represent sunshine, happy memories, and uplifting spirits. A fragrance for day dates, picnics, and cheerful lounging. Bal d'Afrique comes off to a strong start and starts to sit close to the skin around 3 hours in. I can still smell it clinging to my skin, whispering its last breaths 5 hours later. It was a great journey while it lasted.

Samples are available at MyPerfumeSamples.

What's your favorite fragrance by Byredo?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How To: Pick a Scent for School in Winter

School is back in session and with all of these strong winter scents on the market, it's been hard finding a school-safe perfume that is still winter appropriate. Even though it may be winter outside, classrooms get stuffy and it may not be the best place to wear Hypnotic Poison or Black Orchid for instance. Strongly spicy, sickly sweet, and rich perfumes are not ideal for school unless you want your classmates to choke on your perfume during your entire class period. Go with something a little lighter that still fits the season.

My top picks for this Winter Quarter:

Coach Poppy Wild Flower
This fragrance arrived on the market in late July and is, in my opinion, highly underrated. This is one that hasn't got a lot of advertising and isn't very recognized in the perfume world. Upon spraying, I fell in love with it's fruity-floral notes that later dive into a soft, creamy, patchouli with lightly spicy undertones. After toning down into about 20 minutes, this is a beautiful fragrance that won't be too overbearing for class and is still a cozy winter scent.

Want to try it?

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir
This fragrance is an oldie, but goodie from 2011. This fragrance has captured my heart and is extremely elegant and classy. A fragrance for, perhaps, a fashion student, creative mind, or artist. It is a paradise of sweet-musky white florals. Sexy and luxurious, but also vibrant and inoffensive.

Want to try it?

La Vie Est Belle L'eau de Toilette
The original La Vie Est Belle may have been too sickly and sweet to be enjoyable in a class setting, but it's sister, L'eau de Toilette is much more appropriate in this setting. It is less rich and sticky, as the first was. It is a transformation of the original into a lighter, softer composition. Although it is softer than the original, I suggest only one spray before heading to class.

Want to try it?

There you have it, my top picks that I will be wearing to my own classes this winter season!

What are your top picks for wearing to school?

Monday, December 22, 2014

3 Fragrances to Wear on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a time for looking back on all of your accomplishments throughout the year and setting new goals for yourself for the upcoming year. It is a time of celebration, glamorous parties, and sparkling outfits to shimmer into the new year. Why not embrace the new year with a festive and glamorous scent?

My top 3 fragrance choices for New Year's Eve:
1. Guilty Gucci for women
Going to a New Year's Eve party? Guilty Gucci has got your back, making you feel glamorous, sexy, and playful all evening long. This is for a woman that wants to feel seductive and sultry, as well as enjoy herself this New Year's Eve.

2. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf
Love florals, but want something more rich and warm for New Year's Eve? Flowerbomb is literally a grenade of milky-powdery florals full of sensuality, lust, and warmth.

3. Black Orchid by Tom Ford
Looking for something to create mystery and suspense to your NYE look? Spray Black Orchid to feel luxurious, timeless, and sensual. This is spicy and sweet with a dark, suspenseful feel.

You can find samples of all fragrances mentioned at:
MyPerfumeSamples, Amazon, or Ebay

& full bottles at:
Macy's, Nordstroms, Ebay or Amazon

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Festive Holiday Scents

Wanting to get festive this holiday season? Me too! Here are some of my favorite scents that go along great for holiday festivities and Christmas parties!
Coach Signature Rose D'Or by Coach for women
Coach Signature Rose D'Or is the perfect woody-spicy-rose scent for the season. Love rose, but want something warm and cozy for winter? Try this gem, which strays far from your typical Coach Signature fragrances.

Serge Lutens Five O'Clock Au Gingembre Women's and Men's EdP

Try Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens for a unique oriental-spicy fragrance. This is rich ginger, cinnamon, tea, and woods in a bottle. This is uplifting, strong, and festive for the holidays.

L'elephant is a classic scent known for its shine in the winter season. It goes perfectly on a cold winter night with its warm, intoxicating and spicy aromas. This is spicy yet in the background lies a soft sweetness, which really pulls this fragrance together into complete perfection.

You can try samples of these fragrances all at MyPerfumeSamples.

What are your favorite holiday scents?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 3 Perfumes of November 2014

Today I am here to talk about my top 3 perfume picks of November. We are just a little over half way through the month and I've some time to pick through my favorites for this month. Here in Los Angeles it is finally cold and I've been living in my fuzzy blanket with my hot chocolate in hand. Of course, as a fragrance lover, I had to go on a quest to find my favorite scents as the cold wave starts to take over and it finally seems like summer is gone.

My top 3 perfumes for November 2014:

1. Dior Addict Eau de Parfum (2014)

This fragrance has been reformulated, which may make you skeptical to try it, but do give this one a chance! I love it better than the previous Dior Addict's and it is wonderful for fall. It is warm, cozy, comforting, sweet, vanilla, and slightly spicy. It is a lovely scent filled with bourbon vanilla, mandarin leaf, orange blossom, and jasmine. A great sillage and even greater lasting power.

2. Euphoria Gold by Calvin Klein

This scent is sweet, floral, and elegant. This is designed for the fall season and is wrapped in honey, patchouli, and florals. This is versatile in the sense that it seems sophisticated and luxurious, though, it is also relaxed and comforting. It is like a warm cozy sweater in the winter time. Something that is always delightful, hugs to your skin, and is soft and relaxing.

3. Rise by Beyonce

Was that a surprise for you? Because, it was for me too. I have come to love Rise by Beyonce, especially on a breezy autumn day. It is creamy, sensual, full of apricot, and sweetness. I obviously love warm, sweet, and cozy scents for November, because this also fits the trend. I would recommend this to anyone who loves creamy, sensual, vanilla-fruity scents and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. This is Beyonce's best fragrance yet and it doesn't smell cheap or tacky like some other celebrity fragrances.

What are your top 3 fragrances for November?