Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fragrance Forecast and Trends for 2014

Our fragrance forecast is in and this year we are relying on three main accords to play a part in most compositions for 2014! Last year we had trends of oriental, outdoorsy, and woody notes. Now this year we are taking it to a whole new level. Drum roll please!

The three main notes predicted to be strongly used throughout Spring and Summer 2014 are:

1. Rose- An old fashioned accord, brought back to life with a modern twist. Can be light and refreshing, or dark and sexy depending on accompanying notes and concentrations. Mixes great with fruity and feminine notes for the daytime, or can be accompanied with musky, vanilla notes for the evening. The main question is do you like your Rose dirty or clean?

"The Dirty Rose"
Frederic Malle-Portrait of a Lady 
Prices starting at $10.99 here

This fragrance puts a new twist on floral; opening with rose, cinnamon, clove, black currant, and raspberry. An oriental mix takes over the heart of the perfume with incense, sandalwood, and patchouli. In the end notes of the perfume you are left with the mesmerizing combination of white musk, amber, and benzoin. These notes make for a modern, dark, sexy, and sensual fragrance. For women seeking to smell of power and elegance, this is the fragrance for you. Quite the perfect composition for a dirty rose.
"The Clean Rose"
Jo Malone-Red Roses 

Prices Starting at $3.49 here

Red Roses sounds exactly how it smells. Yep, just like fresh clean roses! Jo Malone wraps his fragrance in notes of mint, red roses, violet leaf, and lemon. This is a very realistic smelling fragrance that will leave you smelling like a fresh bouquet of flowers. It is an intoxicating and beautiful composition. Perfect for those who have a nose for rose!

2. Berries- Sweet and juicy fruits are in this season; with notes such as strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. If you aren't sure if fruity perfume is for you, or think that fruit notes are overbearing, try a mixture of accords to calm it down.

"Sweet and Juicy"
Marc Jacobs-Oh, Lola!

Prices starting at $2.49 here

Oh, Lola! is designed for those hot summer days, giving off an irresistible, sweet, fresh, and fruity aroma. It is a playful fragrance with tones of raspberry, wild strawberry, and pear to start. The floral accords of peony, magnolia, and cyclamen are at the heart of the perfume. Then the entire fragrance wraps up with vanille, tonka bean, and sandalwood for a dreamy mixture.

3. Gourmand- These fragrances are delightfully scrumptious with sweet notes that smell so good that you could eat them. They contain edible notes, bringing back childhood memories and pleasures to most. Gourmand fragrances bring together the bond of taste and smell, making for an irresistible aroma.

"Sweet and Scrumptious"
Thierry Mugler-Angel
Prices starting at $2.49 here

Angel is an oriental vanilla fragrance. This perfume was a winner of the award FiFi Award Hall of Fame 2007. This is a sweet gourmand fragrance opening with accords of melon, coconut, madarin orange, cassia, jasmine, bergamot, and cotton candy. In the heart lies a splendid combination of honey, berries, apricot, jasmine, orchid, lily and rose. Within the base are the mouth-watering notes of tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, dark chocolate, and caramel.

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