Friday, February 7, 2014

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Is your perfume barely surviving the walk out the door?
It may seem like hard work finding the right ways to make your fragrance linger.These tips will help you in keeping the composition of your perfume intact and making your scent last for hours at a time.

The first thing to know is that perfume evaporates on dry skin. If your skin is dry, try moisturizing it with cream or lotion before you apply your fragrance. The scent will last much longer, because the perfume will soak into the moisturizer. Also, applying right after a shower can help the perfume soak into your skin. This is because the steam causes your pores to open up, so that the fragrance is easily absorbed.

Photo Credit: Ayurveda Samskara via Flickr

Applying at your pulse points is another way to make a scent last longer. The most effective pulse points are on the wrist, behind the ears, and directly in the center of the throat. Make sure not to rub your wrists together or any other pulse points, as this will cause the scent to fade due to the composition of the perfume being broken up.
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You may try using perfume with stronger base notes if you feel that your scent isn't lasting as long as you'd like it to. Base notes such as vanilla, pine, patchouli, and musk will last much longer than others. Remember, perfume is much more effective when in contact with the body rather than your clothing. Perfume is activated by heat and chemical reactions. Your body gives off much more heat than your clothes will, so it is always best to stick to skin.

The weather has an enormous impact on how long your fragrance will last. Apply fragrances according to the season. Heat causes chemical reactions within the perfume that releases the scent and makes the perfume stronger. In summer, you may use a less concentrated form of perfume or do a light
application throughout the day. Heat speeds up evaporation, so if you use light scents in summer, you will have to reapply often. In cool weather, chemical reactions will be much slower and the fragrance will be less intense. You may consider wearing the stronger base notes as mentioned above or adding an extra spritz before going out.
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Storing perfume properly plays a major part in making your perfume last longer. Make sure you are storing your perfume in a cool and dry environment. You don't want to leave your perfume in the bathroom, seeing as the air will be humid and may pollute your fragrance. Also, never leave your perfume bottle in direct sunlight. Using spray bottles, can also help in making your perfume last longer. It will let less air in, reduces evaporation, and contamination will be less likely to occur.


  1. great tips! that olfactory pyramid is especially helpful!

    1. Thanks, I'll have more coming soon :)