Friday, February 14, 2014

The Positives of Hair Perfume

Photo Credit:  Several seconds via Flickr
A woman walks past and you find yourself allured by some sensational aroma surrounding this woman's entire aura. The way she walks, with her hair flipping back and forth, blowing in the wind; all you can think about is this mesmerizing essence. The scent is caught by others as she keeps her pace steady, and you notice heads looking up to see, like you, what this beautiful aroma could be coming from.

Fragrance is a magical thing, that can catch any person off guard at any given moment. It can be found in shampoos, conditioners, soaps, perfume, hair spray. The perfect combination of smell from all of these things, could be quite the lovely combination. Layering is a beautiful event, in which you layer different fragrances to make a composition completely of your own.

Many people have come to admire the existence of hair perfume as a layering fragrance. Many design houses are now making hair perfume products, along with their original perfume formulas. Yes, you may spray the original perfume into your hair, but you will not receive very pleasant results. Spraying the perfume directly on the hair can dry out the hair, and is horrible for color-treated hair. This is because most perfume contains alcohol. Hair mist/perfume is supposedly a healthy way to wear fragrances in your hair.

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Why would I want to wear perfume in my hair, you ask?
You may use shampoo and conditioner, which is already scented, but it may not be as noticeable as a hair perfume. Also, remember layering is beautiful! Layering hair perfume with your shampoo and conditioner could make an intoxicating blend. 

Frederic Malle's take on hair perfume?
"Hair is a fabulous fragrance diffuser and probably the best spot to spray fragrance if you want to make an impression. It keeps fragrance for a long time, it's slightly oily, and it's always in motion, which generates even more diffusion."

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