Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Which Concentration Best Suites You?

Fragrances tend to smell different on everybody, so it is key to try each concentration on yourself. A fragrance could smell like heaven on one person and be the complete opposite on the other. This is why it is always best to test fragrances on yourself, so that you know what notes and concentration best fit you.

Perfume Extract/Pure Perfume/Parfum (the purest forms) are not ideal for high temperatures and can last the entire day. If you like your perfume strong and lasting, go ahead and give this a try. This can be a great concentration to choose for evening wear, but be careful not to spray too much! You want your peers to notice your scent, but you probably don't want them drowning in it. This contains 15-40% of aromatic compounds.

-Untold EdP
by Elizabeth Arden for women-

Eau de Parfum aka EdP is the most popular of all of the concentrations. It usually lasts about 8 hours, and is a favorite for daytime wear. Depending on the fragrance/notes, it can also be great for evening wear. This concentration contains 10-30% aromatic compounds.

-Euphoria EdT
by Calvin Klein for women-
Eau de Toilette aka EdT is a lighter scented fragrance and has a solution base of 5-20%. This concentration is great for higher temperatures. The last thing you want is to wear too strong of a concentration in the heat. The mix of sweat and high concentration perfumes is not a good look on anyone. This scent is described as refreshing when compared to EdP versions, with a scent that will not linger as long.

-Eau de Gentian Blance
by Hermes for women and men-
Eau de Cologne aka EdC is a less concentration version of EdT and has 3-8% aromatic compounds. This is good for using as an after-shower spray for a very light and clean scent. Many times, this concentration can be used for both women and men alike.

-Miss Dior Eau Fraiche
 by Christian Dior for women-
Eau Fraiche is the weakest concentration of fragrance, and contains less than 3% aromatic compounds. These can be great for persons with allergies or sensitive skin. Some of these fragrances can even come completely alcohol free.

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