Monday, March 17, 2014

Revlon Perfumerie Scented Nail Polish Review: Bordeaux

Revlon has just came out with a new addition to their nail polish line, and it's quite scrumptious! As soon as I heard that they were putting out a scented nail polish, I had to have it. So, I headed over to Target and picked out my favorite color for a try. My choice was Bordeaux, a red wine from the district of Bordeaux in France.

I absolutely love the color. It is a deep red, which is a great contrast to my pale skin. I will have to say that you are going to need to put at least two coats on to get the color even and to its full effect. You may also want to put a protective top coat, as mine started to chip without one; though, I'm not sure if the fragrance will still shine through the extra coat.
I had heard of Bordeaux before, but I had never smelled it for myself so I was excited to give it a try. After drying, it smelled of a fruity red wine. Exactly how I would imagine Bordeaux, the French red wine would smell. It isn't a strong smell like spraying perfume, but you can smell it if you are close to the hand. Note: Do not just smell the nail polish in the bottle. Of course it will smell horrible, like alcohol. Paint it on to your fingers to get the actual scent!

Overall, these are a fun idea and I will probably try more of them, out of curiosity to see what else these polishes have to offer.

Have you tried any others? Love or hate them? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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