Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Skin Scents For Women: Pure Grace & Cashmere Mist

Looking for a light and fresh scent for a daytime wear? Perfume doesn't always need to be bursting with intensity. Many people prefer a soft and sensual fragrance to go along with their own individual scent. As mentioned in our previous post about fragrance concentration, everyone has their own unique smell. Soft, light scents tend to smell better on more of a variety of people. This is because it can lightly mix with your own smell that you already have. Skin scents are used to project your own skin scent, described by most as "my skin but better."

Skin scents do not usually create an aura of fragrance around you, for others to smell. Someone must be very close to you to be able to smell the fragrance. This creates somewhat of an intimate feel, seeing as only close friends, family and a significant other will be able to grasp your scent. Take note that once your significant other smells that subtle scent on your skin, he won't be able to get enough! It creates a sensual and elegant feel for those who are lucky enough to get a whiff.

Skin Scents to try:

This is an Eau de Toilette fragrance, with light and airy 
note. It is considered a Floral Green fragrance giving off
a fresh and clean scent. This fragrance is great for daytime
wear, and is recommended for warmer weather. The smell 
is just how it sounds, pure and graceful. The fragrance has
an amazing composition with notes of water lily, fresh
lavender, jasmine, soft musk, and bergamot. BUY IT HERE

The Eau de Toilette version of Cashmere mist is
a soft and powdery fragrance. It is a creamy,
somewhat sweet, and very comforting concoction.
This is a great fragrance for daytime wear, and
every day usage. Notes include creamy cashmere
wood, soft musk, suede, sandalwood, sweet vanilla,
amber, jasmine, and bergamot. BUY IT HERE


What are your favorite skin scents?


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