Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coffee Scented Perfumes/Colognes That You Need To Try

Coffee scented perfumes and colognes are great pick-me-ups and evening scents. They are often combines with sweet or spicy notes for a sensual essence. As fragrance is linked with our memories, the scent of coffee can bring back lovely memories of the past. If you are intrigued and drawn to the smell of fresh brewing coffee, try one of these fragrances for an irresistible aroma that you can carry with you all day!
This is a sexy-sweet-coffee fragrance by the house of Givenchy. This is a very smooth, creamy coffee scent. It is a french roast coffee with a sweet tonka bean creamer. It is an almost edible, gourmand scent and creates a sensual aroma for the wearer. This also has a hint of spice created by the note of pink pepper within the heart of the fragrance. This dries down into a soft coffee-warm woody aroma. This is a nice fragrance to wear at night and especially nice if you live in a cool climate.
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MyPerfumeShoppe, 3.4 Oz for $80.00
MyPerfumeSamples, 3ml spray atomizer for $3.99
This fragrance is pure deliciousness with it's combination of fruits, florals, and sweets. There is a sweetness to this perfume, but it is not a sickening sweet. The combination of coffee and dark chocolate calm the sweetness and give the fragrance a bit of a bite. There are some very subtle green notes throughout the fragrance and a nice hint of peony in the heart. This is warm and long-lasting, great for date night in cold weather or a spritz in the morning for a pick me up.
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MyPerfumeSamples, 5ml spray atomizer for $6.99
MyPerfumeShoppe, 2.5 Oz for $70.00
You know those Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut chocolates with the nutty coating of chocolate and creamy hazelnut filling? This is kind of like Valentino Uomo, but with a hint of coffee. This reminds me of a sexy-sophisticated French man. Besides the sweetness, you get a leathery-woody base in the dry down. This is so smooth and creamy; a MUST HAVE for any man's fragrance wardrobe! It might be a little too warm to wear on a summer day, but this can be worn any night and you are guaranteed to get some compliments from the ladies.
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Hollywood Style Perfumes, 3.4 Oz for $89.99
Cafe Rose by Tom Ford is a delicious scent infused with warm, spicy floral notes. The main note in this fragrance is rose, followed by saffron. Then comes the spicy pepper and incense draped with the aroma of coffee. The dry down is a creamy mixture of sandalwood, patchouli, and amber. Great for any season, and an awesome night time fragrance. This is a perfume worth experiencing.

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Bloomingdales, 1.7 Oz bottle for $210.00

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