Friday, May 2, 2014

Department Store Sample Experience

It's a shame that you can't walk into department stores to grab a few samples of perfume nowadays. It's hard to pick out a perfume when all the lady behind the counter can do is spray it on a piece of paper for you. I need the fragrance on my skin, and I need to wear it a few times to know if I like it or not. You will never truly know what a fragrance is going to smell like unless you spray it directly on your skin. Of course I could spray it on my skin directly out of the bottle at the counter, but then again I usually am not coming to the department store with only one fragrance in mind.

This past week I went to my local mall and tried to get some perfume samples from Macy's. The lady was very helpful, and spritzed all of the perfumes I asked about on different tester strips for me to smell. The problems with this? The tester strips did not have the names of the fragrances, so I had forgotten which was which; my nose was exhausted from smelling the fifteen different perfumes she was suggesting me, and they would not give me any hands on samples. The nice lady then directed me to Sephora, because they are allowed to give free samples.

I headed upstairs to Sephora with high hopes. There were about 5 fragrances that I had in mind that I wanted to try. I was asking questions and they are only allowed to give each customer 3 samples per visit. Well that is just my luck...So I picked my 3 samples and they put together these little spray atomizer samples. These samples can be used 2-3 times depending on how much they fill up your sample.
After going to two stores looking for samples, I gave up and was a bit exhausted/frustrated already. I still had 2 perfumes on my list that I didn't even get to try. If I did want to try them I could come back to Sephora another day, but that just seemed like a hassle. I think I will stick to my online samples for a huge quantity at a low price. It is definitely worth it.

Having the same problem as I did?
>You can get online samples here<

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