Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 5 Perfumes With Sandalwood That You Need

Sandalwood-a creamy, oriental, woody, and sweet note....a perfect combination. I love perfumes and colognes that have a creamy sandalwood base. It wraps up a fragrance so nicely in the ending and sandalwood also retains its scent for a long time. If you want something to last on your skin and leave a lingering smell of milky, oriental, woody goodness at the end of your fragrance then this is your go to note!

Here is my list of the top 5 perfumes containing sandalwood, not in any specific order.

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Samsara is a widely known fragrance, and for good reason. This perfume is strong, long-lasting, woody, balsamic, and even a bit powdery with florals. This fragrance is divine, comforting, even relaxing with it's main note of sandalwood. This is one of those perfumes that will have you sniffing your wrists over and over again all day long. It is rich and exotic and almost a bit mysterious. This fragrance is for the bold and those who like to make an impression. If you are one to stand in the corner at a party or like to keep to yourself, then this is not your fragrance. You are sure to gather some compliments from this beauty. This has a main note of sandalwood, which comes up from the base and surrounds the entire fragrance. It also has noticeable floral notes of ylang ylang and jasmine. There are also notes of vanilla, amber, and tonka bean that are noticeable through the base. It is a bit powdery from the florals in the heart of the perfume and there is a touch of musk in the ending.
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Estee Lauder's Sensuous is as sensual as the name.  This fragrance leans toward the oriental-woody-amber concept. This smells expensive, feminine, elegant, and sophisticated. It can be for someone young, or for someone older. This is nice for a date night with its creamy, woody, sweetness. It is quite irresistible and again with these sandalwood fragrances, you are looking at very long-lasting scents. On first spray, this fragrance is familiar with notes of magnolia, lily, and jasmine. Those are quite quickly swept away with the main note of sandalwood coming straight from the base and other woody-amber notes in the heart. There is also a distinct note of honey throughout this fragrance that comes from the base. You can also smell a little citrus splash and faint note of pepper in this perfume.
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 Hypnotic Poison is an oriental vanilla fragrance. This is a very sweet, almond scent with the main note being vanilla. When first sprayed you can smell a burst of coconut and a faint whisper of citrus. In the heart are the florals, making this fragrance ever so lightly powdery. The main composition of this fragrance comes from within the rich base with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, almond, and a hint of musk. This fragrance has a lot of personality to it and is a definite night time wear. This perfume deserves to be out on the town and flaunted to everyone. It is sweet and scrumptious and will have your significant other want to eat you right up! This is sexy and seductive for any female that likes to take charge. For an EdT this fragrance lingers and lasts much longer than you would think.

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Ode au Reve by Yves Rocher for women is an awesome incense infused sandalwood fragrance. This is a perfume for people who love oriental scents. At first spray it is a burst of spicy-floral-incense. It then settles into a creamy-woody-musk scent. This perfume opens with sandalwood and in the heart is a bouquet of jasmine flowers. You can really smell the base of vanilla and musk in the dry-down. This is very warm and calming, a great fragrance to wear on a cold day or night. It does not last as long as the rest, but it is still a competitor. I'd say it probably lasts around 4 hours, so bring that travel spray along with you.
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Serge Lutens Santal Blanc is a woody-spicy-powder blend. This is intense and exotic, great for daytime wear in Spring or Fall seasons. This is for both women and men, but it has more of a masculine feel to it. Don't let that stray you from trying this fragrance though, because it is simply beautiful. This is one worth sampling, because it may smell completely different on one person to the next. It is inviting, warm, mysterious, and soft. Serge Lutens fragrances are usually very strong and noticeable, though, this fragrance is more subtle and discrete compared to others. It has notes of sandalwood, cinnamon, pink pepper, musk, and a hint of iris.

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