Monday, June 23, 2014

Perfume For The Bride (Summer 2014)

Most girls start dreaming of their wedding day at a very young age. We start imagining our perfectly planned wedding with flowers in our favorite color, our dream wedding dress, that perfectly assembled up-do, the walk down the aisle smiling at all the familiar faces, and ending up standing with our dream man saying "I do" to the one we love. It is an entrance into love and loyalty with a partner that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with. This is a day full of smiles, tears, and cheers. Embrace your wedding day and include all of the things that you love and that represent your love for your significant other. 

Weddings take time...time for planning what to wear, how to do your hair, what flowers to set on the table, and even what perfume to wear. Did you know that your sense of smell is connected to memory? Have you ever walked down the street and got a whiff of something that brought you back to a time in your childhood? This is your brain connecting with your sense of smell to help you remember past instances. Wear a perfume that will remind you of your first date with your significant other, or a time in your life that is memorable to you. Wearing a fragrance that represents who your are and who you have become is also something to think about. 

Some of my favorite bridal picks for this summer:
This fragrance is a garden of flowers surrounding a pond of vibrant water lilies. It is a fresh breeze in spring, a fragrance full of life and optimism. The breeze settles down into a wave of musk and cashmere for a beautiful ending to your even more beautiful day. This is delicate and feminine, with a composition that flourishes in warm weather. This is simple and sweet, something that is easy to wear for everyone.

If you want something classic or vintage, try the original Vera Wang. Wang is one of the top bridal dress designers, so of course she has to have a fragrance to go along with the perfect day as well. This is an intoxicating blend of florals, with a happy and luminous aura surrounding the whole fragrance. Mandarin blossom is in full effect upon the first spray, then you get this amazing blend of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and gardenia in the heart. The dry down is a bit musky-powdery with the florals still shining through.

Dolce & Gabbana's Rose the One is a blend of soft rose, white florals, and citrus. This is a glamorous and glowing fragrance for those who want something a little more noticeable and maybe even a tad sexy. The white florals, rose, and a touch of musk are evident upon the first spray. Then you are dazzled by a citrusy grapefruit-litchi combo that makes this perfume vibrant and has a similar feel to a glass of champagne. The dry down is where the seductiveness comes in with creamy sandalwood, vanilla, and black currant. The dry down leaves you with a creamy, soft rose essence.

I will just breeze past this fragrance, as you can read my previous review on it here. This is beauty, poise, and elegance in a bottle. This is a fragrance to leave an impression and to be noticed. Wear this down the aisle and your friends/family on the inner edge seats will be delighted by your scent as you walk towards your groom. This has a fruity opening and dries down into an enchanting warm base. 

What is your dream wedding scent?? Leave a comment to share!

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