Thursday, June 5, 2014

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume Review

"The campaign combines timeless elegance and modern femininity to paint a portrait of a sensual, graceful and successful woman," a Fragrantica writer explains. The face of this fragrance is the beautiful Anja Rubik, who captures the essence of this fragrance and its sophistication without flaw. This is a fragrance of beauty, poise, confidence, and elegance.

I have never smelt another woman wearing this perfume, yet, since it was just released this year. I feel like I smell different from everyone else that walks by and that is something that I really look for in a perfume. This fragrance has great lasting power and is strong enough for others to get a whiff of your perfume as you walk by, leaving them enchanted by your essence. This is a very inviting fragrance that you are sure to gain a lot of compliments on. It is so lovely, smooth, well blended. I love this fragrance from the fruity opening to the warm base. 

This is a fragrance that I would wear somewhere that I want to leave an impression. Whether that be a business meeting, a date, or a dinner party. This will work perfect for any event that you want to be noticed at. In the top of this fragrance lies the fruity notes of pear and grapefruit; the middle has a heart of osmanthus and almond; the base reeks of sophistication and elegance with its touch of leather followed with patchouli. 

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