Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Fragrances by Nicki Minaj and Beyonce

I must say that I am very excited about these two new celebrity fragrances due to hit the shelves this summer 2014. Nicki Minaj is to release her new fragrance "Onika"(her real name) and Beyonce is to release Heat Wild Orchid. These fragrances both feature orchid, but they have taken them in different directions. Orchids in perfume usually smell sweet and clean with a powdery finish of a floral bouquet. Well just from that, I am already loving these for an end of summer fragrance. 
Photo Cred: Robin Miller

Beyonce's Heat Wild Orchid is a flanker of the original Heat from 2010, though, oh so different. This fragrance is described as fierce, feminine, and delicious. It opens with boysenberry, coconut, and pomegranate. Has a heart of magnolia, butterfly orchid, and honeysuckle. Then it leaves you smelling woody with musk and amber (Notes via Fragrantica). This sounds like a sweet floral with a woody-coconut background. This is one to put on your wish list!

beyonce heat wild orchid

Nicki Minaj's Onika is a fruity-floral with sweet and aquatic accords. Nicki says, Onika "smells like angels in the garden of ... perfection." This fragrance opens with mandarin orange, starfruit, and pear. The heart is a blend of orchid, osmanthus, and water lily. The base is sweet with sugar cane accompanied by cedar and white musk (Notes via Fragrantica). As you can see, these are very different fragrances, though, they both sound like something that will be worth trying this summer. 

My Choice?
If I had to blind buy one of these fragrances according to the notes, I would go for Beyonce's Heat Wild Orchid. This one seems more sweet and daring..something I like in a fragrance.

Let me know what your choice would be in the comments below!

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