Monday, July 21, 2014

Perfumes & Smells That Repel Bugs & Bees!

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It's beginning to be the hottest part of summer before our decent into fall...the time of pool parties, barbecues, and BUGS. The bugs are live and in action, mostly in August and September. You might think that not wearing perfume and being completely fragrance free may be the best way to repel biting bugs and stinging suckers, though, perfume can actually act as a repellent!

If you want to repel biting bugs then you want to wear fragrances with notes of peppermint, lemon, lavender, geranium, or eucalyptus. Vanilla is also said to repel mosquitoes, as it basically drowns them with the fragrance and they are unable to breathe. Though, you may find that vanilla will attract other nasty critters.

Bees are attracted to sweet smelling fragrances. If you have a fear of bees, they can actually smell that fear as it emits chemicals into the air and will attract the bee more. Sweating is also known to attract bees, great. The best way to repel bees and still smell like a million bucks is by wearing citrus notes or green notes such as eucalyptus, basil, lemon, verbena, geranium, mint, cedar and eucalyptus.

5 fragrances to help you repel blood-sucking, biting, and stinging critters:
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Fight off bees and wasps with this citrus-aromatic fragrance featuring notes of lemon, cedar, and bergamot.

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This fragrance is a great citrus for summer and also for fighting off bugs. It has accords of lemon, verbena, and grapefruit.

Lavanila Laboratories perfume sample
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With main notes of vanilla and lavender, this is sure to fight off mosquitoes. This opens up very lavender and descents into a creamy sweetness.

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This is a spicy-citrus-green fragrance that can be worn both by women and men. It has all of the main notes to keep critters away. It features lemon, verbena, mint, basil, woodsy, and tea notes.

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With main notes of lime, basil, bergamot, and mandarin this fragrance is a great repellent and also a great wear for summer.

Have any fragrances that you've noticed either attract bugs or repel them!? Let me know below!

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