Monday, August 18, 2014

August Favorites: Perfumes for the Scorching Hot

As I am located in Southern California, it is steaming hot this month. I have decided that even the nightlife can't handle my signature frag, Armani Code for women, during this heat wave. I have a few perfumes for daytime and a few others for nighttime that I have been finding are the perfect fit for this steamy August sunshine. I just took a trip to Palm Springs, CA and even found some perfume that worked for me there and kept me fresh all day. If you have ever been to Palm Springs, you know that it is a difficult task to keep fresh in that kind of weather...110+ degrees with a dry, desert breeze that is nowhere near refreshing.

August Daytime Favorites:

Chloe by Chloe
My favorite of August and the perfume I chose to wear for most of my trip to Palm Springs is Chloe Eau de Parfum. This is a fresh floral that depicts the scent of a soapy rose. It lasts a lifetime on my skin and was able to keep me smelling fresh all day long. If you are taking a trip to a place with a hot and dry climate, then bring along a travel spray of Chloe!

Samples available at MyPerfumeSamples for $2.99

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Taking a day trip to the beach? Take along Virgin Island Water by Creed for women and men. This is the epitome of beachy summer fragrances. It is tropical, sweet, and fruity with noticeable notes of coconut, lime, rum, sugar cane, and bergamot. This is of great quality and is a long lasting scent that is awesome for an ocean getaway.

Samples available at MyPerfumeSamples for $4.99

Nighttime Favorites:

J'adore by Dior
Dance the night away and still smell great with J'adore by Dior. This isn't too overpowering to smell sticky and sickly after a night of partying in the heat and is a made up of a beautiful composition. This is a fresh floral that is also sweet and long lasting. The creamy jasmine and tuberose pair great with the fruity notes that follow. It is fun, flirty, and feminine for a night out with the girls or for date night with your favorite man.

Samples available at MyPerfumeSamples for $2.99

Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein
Forbidden Euphoria is basically a sweeter version of the original Euphoria and is perfect for nightwear. This is sweet, floral, fruity, seductive, and modern. The main fruit in this composition is raspberry followed by patchouli, peach blossom, orchid, woodsy notes, and a touch of white florals. I would describe this as the perfect perfume for the daring and confident woman.

Samples available at MyPerfumeSamples for $1.99

What are your August favorites!?

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