Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Word to "Perfume Haters"

Surrounding yourself with extravagant aromas is one way to personalize your home, car, or body. Everyone has a different scent profile that they prefer whether you are a connoisseur of fragrance or a perfume hater. Even being a "perfume hater" you probably don't want your house smelling of animals, trash, or dirty laundry. I bet all of you perfume haters out there use something scented in your household. We all do!

Just because you hate that god awful perfume your grandma wears and the lady next to you on the bus sprayed about 5 sprays too many of her perfume, doesn't mean all fragrance is horrible. "Oh, but they make me sneeze" or "they make me have a headache" are not the best excuses, as all fragrance is made differently. I highly doubt that all fragrance does this to you, unless maybe you were forced to live in a plastic bubble all of you life and this is your first step onto the earth's soil. Then, maybe I will take your word for it. Though, I highly doubt that this is the case since you are sitting on your computer, tablet, or phone reading a blog post about perfume haters.

Headaches and sneezing are common symptoms when choosing a fragrance that has white florals. Many people get these same exact symptoms that you may have experienced. There are many different scent categories, and not all of them are going to contain the same ingredients or notes. There are aromatics, florals, gourmands, aquatics, etc. If you didn't like a certain fragrance, don't give up on the billions of others that are out there. I guarantee, that you will find one that suites you. Wearing perfume doesn't mean spraying a million sprays, so that everyone in a room can smell you. There are lighter scents out there that will cling to your skin so closely, that only you can smell it. Try an Eau Fraiche fragrance, which is the lowest concentration that you can get. These usually don't have alcohol, or very little, and are good for people with skin irritations.

If you are worried about being natural and organic, then there are perfumes for you too! There are many fragrances which are natural, vegan, and free of animal-cruelty. For example, Lavanila Laboratories is a natural and vegan design house. This is one of my favorite brands and they have the most perfect vanilla scents that I have ever sniffed.

Don't be a perfume hater!

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  1. Um, so you would be okay with being around people that made you get a headache or have trouble breathing? And no, I don't use any scented stuff, because I am allergic to it.

    1. I could definitely see how overspraying or wearing perfumes with a huge sillage in a small room could be bothersome to others, which is why people should always think about what type of environment that they are going to be in before spraying. There are many perfumes and natural fragrance oils out there that can work for people with allergies without being bothersome. A great way to start is by looking at the perfume concentration and the notes that you may be allergic to :)

    2. Thanks for the reply! I don't oppose people wearing perfume in general, but I think people should avoid wearing it if they know that they will be in a space, small or large, with someone who is allergic. I have found that I am allergic to some "natural" scents, but not others. While I have no intention of wearing perfume, I think that if many people used natural opinions instead of perfumes made with synthetic chemicals, then everyone with allergies could breathe easier. :)

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