Thursday, September 25, 2014

Four Fragrance Trends for Fall

Seven Scent has released their predictions for Fall 2014 and I couldn't agree with them more. With a change in weather, comes a change in wardrobe. Don't forget that means fragrance too! Light and airy frags are for summer, so put them away and get your scent wardrobe ready for the cool weather. Rich, sultry, dark fragrances shine in Fall/Winter. Here are some trends that you should look out for:

1. Dramatic Roses

Clean roses were popular during the spring and summer this year, and now it's time to dirty it up with deep, dark roses for Fall/Winter.


2. Rich Berries

Along with dark roses this Fall, will be the trend of dark berries. Rich, plump, and succulent and maybe even gourmand in nature.


3. Spirit Scents

By spirit, I mean gin, rum, and whiskey infused scents. These are sometimes followed by smoky notes and add sophistication and edge to a fragrance.


4. Concentrated Fragrances

Richer, spicier versions of fragrances usually containing patchouli or amber. 


Have any fragrances that you think fit the trend or like any of the ones that I've listed? Comment and let me know!


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