Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Nina by Nina Ricci Fragrance Review

Nina by Nina Ricci
Get ready for a magical ride as you spray this fairy-tale fragrance atop your skin. Nina is sparkling with candied fruits, youthful and playful at heart. You are first enchanted by the cheerful graces of fresh squeezed lemon and lime. In the heart lies the candied apple, infused with caramel, chocolate and vanilla, surrounded by a bouquet of peonies. Lastly, the fragrance holds close to your skin with apples, musk, and cedar in it's midst.

This is a ripe, slightly tart, sweet, and fruity concoction. This is simple, yet sophisticated and has a lighthearted and optimistic nature. This is a magnificent fragrance for daytime from Spring to Fall. This holds tight to the skin from 5-6 hours and isn't overbearingly sweet for a work environment. Nina is pretty, young, spirited, and majestic. For a person that wants to evoke the personality of someone playful and young at heart.

Samples are available at MyPerfumeSamples starting at $1.99

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