Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Si by Giorgio Armani

Si by Armani was just released recently and is probably going to be one of my favorites this Fall. I have tried samples of this perfume and cannot wait to get my hands on a full size bottle. This is vanilla, vanilla, vanilla; if you haven't noticed already, vanilla is probably my very favorite note in perfume. I love the way vanilla adds to a perfume, making it creamy, sexy, and alluring. Si is sultry and sweet with a gourmand-like feel to it. It doesn't have an overwhelming amount of vanilla that it becomes too sweet, but it is also airy, fruity, and clean.
Si by Giorgio Armani for women

This has notes of vanilla (of course), cassis, patchouli, freesia, rose, and woods. This has great longevity and the vanilla will stay lingering on your skin for hours and hours. The sillage is not too heavy and will radiate out to about arms length. If you are already a fan of Armani fragrances that are sultry with vanilla, then by all means try this one. I am a huge fan of Armani Code for women and now I have also fallen in love with this beauty, keep up the good work Giorgio Armani!

Samples available at MyPerfumeSamples starting at $2.99
Full size bottles available at Macy's starting at $90.00

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