Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Dior Addict Eau Delice Fragrance Review

Addict Eau Delice was introduced in summer 2013, and is a flanker to the original Addict released in 2002. The original Addict was also gourmand and sweet, though, it was more creamy and oriental than this fruity deliciousness. If you are expecting this flanker to smell the same as the original, then think again. This is one of those flankers that is completely different in comparison.

This is tart and fresh at first spray, with cranberry, orange and cherry shining through. There are some florals in the heart of the fragrance, making their appearance known here and there. Almond also lies in the heart, more noticeable than the florals. Musk is prominent in the base along with creamy vanilla.

Eau Delice is fruity, fun, youthful, and energetic. It has some sourness to it, but not in an overpowering and annoying kind of way. The sourness soon disappears into a beautiful musky-creamy-fruity gourmand fragrance. This is for a woman that wants to feel sexy and playful, with its sweet and enticing scent.

Samples are available at MyPerfumeSamples

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