Monday, December 22, 2014

3 Fragrances to Wear on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a time for looking back on all of your accomplishments throughout the year and setting new goals for yourself for the upcoming year. It is a time of celebration, glamorous parties, and sparkling outfits to shimmer into the new year. Why not embrace the new year with a festive and glamorous scent?

My top 3 fragrance choices for New Year's Eve:
1. Guilty Gucci for women
Going to a New Year's Eve party? Guilty Gucci has got your back, making you feel glamorous, sexy, and playful all evening long. This is for a woman that wants to feel seductive and sultry, as well as enjoy herself this New Year's Eve.

2. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf
Love florals, but want something more rich and warm for New Year's Eve? Flowerbomb is literally a grenade of milky-powdery florals full of sensuality, lust, and warmth.

3. Black Orchid by Tom Ford
Looking for something to create mystery and suspense to your NYE look? Spray Black Orchid to feel luxurious, timeless, and sensual. This is spicy and sweet with a dark, suspenseful feel.

You can find samples of all fragrances mentioned at:
MyPerfumeSamples, Amazon, or Ebay

& full bottles at:
Macy's, Nordstroms, Ebay or Amazon


  1. Great pics! I would probably wear Gucci Guilty if not every other woman did haha. I have yet to try any Tom Ford fragrances yet, they are a bit unreachable where I'm located.

    1. I know, it is sooo popular, but I still think it is a great pick for a New Year's party. I love Tom Ford fragrances. I usually purchase online, rather then go in store. Black Orchid is popular too, but I bet a lot less women are strutting around in it compared to Gucci Guilty :p

  2. Oh yeah, New Year's Eve is a time of miracles. The atmosphere and spirit of the holiday in the perfume, that's for sure. My wife says that perfume is a mood. Especially if it's a gift, the mood should be simply delicious. That's why my love chose for me fruity perfume . Really, I was very happy with this gift because this is the fragrance I wanted. Holidays are the best time of the year, I'm sure many will agree with me.

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