Thursday, January 8, 2015

Perfume Review: Bal d'Afrique by Byredo Parfums

Bal d'Afrique, my new found love. A scrumptious citrus-woody scent that is "inspired by Paris in the late 20ćs and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance." This is a fragrance with culture, uniqueness, and depth. It is beautifully blended with African Marigold, lemon, vetiver, white florals, black currant, bergamot, amber, cedar, and  musk. It is hard to pull individual notes from this fragrance, as it is so well blended. It is beautiful and harmonious and flows extravagently from note to note.

Altogether, this scent creates a vision of succulent, mouthwatering pineapple (although this is not a note in the fragrance, this is what my nose smells). At first spray this smells like a fresh and ripened pineapple, but then so slowly drifts into a world of lemon, florals, and woods. The lemon is sharp, juicy, and zesty wrapped in the vetiver and pretty marigold. It smells exotic and vibrant through the entire fragrance. A fragrance to represent sunshine, happy memories, and uplifting spirits. A fragrance for day dates, picnics, and cheerful lounging. Bal d'Afrique comes off to a strong start and starts to sit close to the skin around 3 hours in. I can still smell it clinging to my skin, whispering its last breaths 5 hours later. It was a great journey while it lasted.

Samples are available at MyPerfumeSamples.

What's your favorite fragrance by Byredo?


  1. I loved the way you described this scent, I can "see" it in my mind so well. :) Lovely review!

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