About my blog:
This blog is dedicated to anyone that has an interest in perfume, from perfume enthusiasts to the beginning perfumer. Perfumes don't just smell good or bad, but have an entire story behind them. Our brain is set up to link smells to past memories. The sense of smell is said to be the strongest sense linked to memory. My goal is to educate and have fun talking about perfume. Whether you are looking for a scent for mom, dad, a special occasion, or everyday wear, I am here to help! Though, I am here to educate, I also am learning new things about perfume everyday. If you ever have any tips or recommendations, feel free to share them!

About me:
I am a perfume lover, and also..go figure... LOVE to talk about perfume! I am an employee at My Perfume Samples, so I may reference them from time to time in my blog posts. Though, I always try to give my 100% unbiased opinion on products and in my reviews.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the perfume!

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